Ary Vreeken – Canadian Foodgrains Bank, a Christian Response to Hunger


Ary Vreeken is the Alberta regional representative for the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, a partnership of 15 Canadian churches and church-based agencies working together to end global hunger. It is estimated that up to 828 million people on our planet currently do not have “food security”, meaning they do not have regular access to enough nutritious food to live healthy and active lives. Here in Canada, farmers are combatting hunger all around the world by donating the value of crops to the Canadian Foodgrains Bank. Some of these collaborative projects have been going on for 40 years, and bring together land owners, seed and fertilizer supply companies and dozens of neighbours and volunteers from nearby rural communities. Our local Bashaw and Ponoka faith community is involved as well, through our support of the United Church of Canada’s Mission and Service Fund, and also through some of our congregation members who are grain farmers and actively involved in growing projects that donate proceeds of their harvest to the Canadian Foodgrains Bank. There are many ways you can get involved, too. Check out their website to learn more about how the Canadian Foodgrains Bank partners with the United Church of Canada and how you can support this important work:




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