Bashaw United Church

The 2019 Sugar Plum Ball

The third annual Sugar Plum Family Christmas Ball was a huge success last weekend. The purpose of the event is to create a magical evening of celebration for the entire community, where children and adults of all ages and all income levels can get together and experience the joy and wonder of the holidays. In […]

What Are You Expecting?

This whole ”expectation” thing in Advent is tricky, isn’t it? We even have a hymn for that: “Come, thou long expected Jesus.” It’s on old time classic by Charles Wesley, but we don’t sing it that often anymore. People expect something more contemporary. It’s best to be prepared for it, though. That’s the two key […]

A Message for Any Time or Place

There’s something magnetic about John the Baptist. Based on his description in the Bible and the words he says there, we have a picture of someone smelly and dirty with wild unkept hair, dressed in animal skins. He came from the wilderness where he lived on locusts and honey. He seems to shout a lot, […]

Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?

It’s Advent this week, the beginning of the church year: four Sundays set aside to prepare, watching and waiting for what is to come. Something’s coming and what’s to come is Christmas, isn’t it? The coming of Jesus. Yes it is, but which one may be the question. The stories we hear in Advent remind […]

Rev. Robin King – Are you ready?

The end is near (of the church calendar), and Advent begins this Sunday. Are you ready for Christmas? Ready to greet the baby Jesus? Ready for Christ to return? So much to prepare for and so much to reflect on this Christmas, like how and where we meet Jesus in every moment of life. I […]

Leah & Ron – Threshold Singing: Kindness Made Audible

Bringing comfort, kindness and peace to the thresholds of life and death, “threshold singing” is a selfless act of love and compassion. Ron and Leah have been part of this global movement for several years and this week they shared with me their beautiful story and their beautiful voices.

How I Know You

It will likely come as no surprise at all when I say that people often respond to things I say or write. Partly because I actively encourage it. I always try to remind people that I’m expressing my thoughts and ideas and hope it will inspire them to think about their own. I don’t have […]

Hope Lies Ahead

Are you tired? I’m tired. It’s mid-November and I’m already tired of winter. I know it hasn’t even really started yet. Still, I’m tired of it. But that’s not what I mean. Like most people, I probably work too much and don’t rest, let alone sleep, enough. But I don’t mean that kind of tired, […]

Rev. Robin King – Where Does It End?

We’ve talked about “end times” before, and at this time of year it’s thematically appropriate to revisit the topic right before we dive into the season of Advent, but this week we decided to expand on the conversation and talk not only about the troubling signs of armageddon and apocalypse that are all around us, […]

Rev. Dr. Stephen Harper – The Rising Spirit Ministry Story

This week I was asked to share the story of our Rising Spirit Ministry project with Rev. Stephen Harper from Symons Valley United Church in Calgary, for their new podcast. You can also listen to this conversation with Stephen on their website as well as other episodes of the Symons Valley podcast at