Bashaw United Church

Rev. Robin King – Let’s Talk About Money, and Value

We’ve been told it’s impossible to worship both God and money, and that it’s easier for a camel to fit through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven, but we’ve also been told to give generously to the church. Maybe instead of focusing on money, the conversation should be […]

I hope this makes cents

This column should probably come with a Content Warning: minister writing about money. Relax, I won’t be asking for it, telling you to give it to the church or telling you it’s bad. Jesus never did any of those things so why would I. I also won’t be reminding you that money can’t buy you […]

The Right People

The pharisees and the Temple authorities were right, you know. Jesus hung out with the worst people. It’s true. In their eyes, at least. And those good ol’ pharisees, the keepers of Hebrew Law, even tried to help Jesus realize that. They’d try and help by pointing out that some of the people he spent […]

Making, Moulding, Creating

Remember playing with Play-Doh when you were a kid? Or, if your parents or school teacher made their own, it was play dough. It was, and still is, a lot of fun. You could make some amazing sculptures, pottery and other cool stuff with it. At least, it probably looked like an amazing dinosaur to […]

You’re invited to find out

For quite some time, scholars studying the Bible have been pretty sure that the Letter to the Hebrews attributed to Paul wasn’t really written by Paul at all. And by “for quite some time,” I mean since the second and third century. They’re not really sure who wrote it, but they’re pretty skeptical – for […]

Rev. Robin King – What Healed The Crippled Woman?

A woman, bent over from a crippling ailment, is healed by Jesus. On the Sabbath. This week we’re discussing the power of human connection and authentic listening in helping others to release their burdens and become whole. We’re also talking about miracles, self-care and what the Sabbath is really supposed to be about. Thanks for […]

Unburdening the Sabbath

The gospel of Luke recounts a story in which Jesus heals a woman “with a spirit that had crippled her for eighteen years” and he does it on the sabbath. This draws the ire of the leader of the synagogue who accuses Jesus of violating the sabbath law by doing work on the holy day […]

I See Good People

Who are your heroes? Why are they your heroes? What have they inspired in you? Sure, we have people we might look up to because of a skill or gift that they have: an athlete, artist, soldier, tradesperson, maybe even a politician. (Could be. Maybe.) Someone with a gift we aspire to share. But what […]

Trigg Pittman – A 10 Year Old’s Thoughts On Farming & Faith

When you listen to Trigg, you feel like you’re having coffee with an 80 year old farmer, but that’s because at just 10 years old Trigg Pittman is a master lawn mower, farmer, stockman and all around ranching superstar. He also enjoys hunting, fishing, driving a pony chariot, water skiing, tie dying, and drive-in movie […]

All In A Circle

One of our summer children’s programs this year featured stories with the theme of “rock.” This story for all ages, inspired by Genesis and The Lion King, reminds us that we are all connected, all equally a part of creation from the beginning. We need reminding. In the beginning, the Bible says, there was nothing […]