Ben Campbell – Regenerative Rancher, Mystic & Movie Star!

My friend Ben Campbell is a tough person to write a bio for, so even deciding how to describe this podcast episode and our invigorating conversation is challenging.  I first met Ben through a video project where we did some winter filming at his family’s ranch near Black Diamond, in the Alberta foothills.  While his parents spoiled us with their warm and friendly hospitality I remember spotting a photo on the wall of Ben with the famous actor, Sam Elliott.  The story of Ben’s years as a child actor suddenly made his comfort in front of the camera make complete sense!  In the years since then I have enjoyed staying connected with Ben, filming at his farm numerous times, attending agricultural events and conferences together, and sharing a hunger for learning not only about things like sustainable land management and soil health but also many of the mysteries and unanswerable questions that we explored in this podcast episode.  What feeds our souls and gives our lives purpose?  How do we explain the cycle of life and existence to our children?  We also talked about Ben’s career path from civil engineering into cattle ranching, the personal growth and life tools that have helped him balance work and family life, and the legacy that he wants to leave behind for his three sons and for the future of the planet. Ben is well known in the Canadian agricultural community, has been featured in business magazines and documentary films (including Guardians of the Grasslands, produced by Sarah Wray and Ben Wilson), and is now the subject of an indie film by Mainspring Media soon to be hitting the film festival circuit, titled “Grazed Right”.

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