Bill Harder – Sitting With Death

“It’s not simply being present in the room that makes somebody alone or not alone, it is the knowledge that they’re held and loved.” – Bill Harder. The act of sitting bedside with someone who is near death, and maybe holding their hand, or just being there to hold their spirit in love, is one of the greatest acts of love I can think of. Bill and the 80 volunteers of the Camrose Hospice Society do just that. In this conversation we tackle some really big questions about the delicate dance between life and death, which is much more ever present than our modern culture recognizes or talks about. So let’s talk about it. Here’s the first episode with Bill Harder, on “The Deep Soul Work of Grieving” Contact Bill or the Camrose Hospice Society Here Please Subscribe and Share!

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  1. Janice says:

    Good read.

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