These Days

And just like that, it’s Advent again. On the church calendar, Advent’s the four Sundays before Christmas, the countdown to the big day. No, wait, that’s wrong: it’s the count up to the big day. That’s the great thing about Advent. Whether you begin on the first Sunday and go by the Sundays, like the […]

What Kingdom Will Come?

For many churches, the year begins with the First Sunday in Advent, the season that prepares for Christmas. That’s usually at the very end of November or the beginning of December, so about a month, give or take, before the beginning of the calendar year. The last Sunday of the old year – New Year’s […]

Is it Jesus?

It’s a classic question. Someone walks into your church on a Sunday morning, heads straight up the centre aisle to the pulpit and says “I’m Jesus, I have returned.” How do you know if it’s Jesus or not? I don’t have an exact answer for that, but, given the number of times Jesus says he’ll […]

Heather Buelow – 5, 6, 7, 8, and Pivot!

Heather Buelow has been the owner of Dancer’s Edge Studio for 19 years. Like many business owners she is no stranger to change, but nothing compares to the wild ride she’s been on these last two years where she’s had to pivot, pivot, and pivot again. The pandemic has been especially challenging for kids activities, […]

Faith in Giving

The Widow’s Mite is the traditional name for a Bible story in the gospels of Mark and Luke about a poor widow that gives her last two coins to the temple treasury. Jesus comments to his disciples that, while they’ve seen many rich people contribute just a part of their wealth, she gave everything she […]

Here be saints

October 31 is a pretty important day, especially this year. Yes, you know what I mean. It’s Reformation Sunday, our annual recognition of the beginning of the movement that began Protestantism. It’s an important historical moment for anyone, but especially so if you’re part of that tradition. And I mean no disrespect to it when […]

Asking a Personal Question

“Who do you say that I am?” I wonder who Jesus was looking at when he asked his disciples this question. He’d already asked the easy one, what are the crowds saying. But now, he wanted their own view, their personal understanding of what he was all about. I imagine there was some shuffling feet, […]

Practicing Faith

We are often so much like Jesus’ first disciples in the early days. They followed Jesus around, from place to place, listening to his teaching, seeing what he was doing, and doing their best to understand. And we, like them, it seems, often don’t. If only we had more faith. That’s what the disciples said […]

Embrace Thanks Giving

It’s Thanksgiving this week. I mean the holiday, of course, not “thanks giving,” which we should want to do everyday. Even if we’re particularly focused on harvest thanksgiving, I hope we’d want to be grateful to farmers and the earth more than just one day a year. Oh, and the truck drivers, rail employees, processors […]

Rev. Robin King – He’s Back, And He Brought Stories!

Robin shares a lot of stories with our community of faith. Not only through his weekly blog posts and weekly Sunday morning sermons, but also in the form of children’s plays and even books that he’s written and self published. I know, right? We’re pretty lucky! Well, for the last 3 months Robin has been […]