Brady Wilson – Family In My Belly

My uncle, Brady Wilson, has been one of my role models in life and in my own spiritual journey for just about 40 years.  Today, we’re exploring Brady’s own human spirituality journey, and he shares a recent epiphany that he experienced which brought him closer to a sense of oneness with all humanity and creation, and to “the Jesus in his belly”.  As Brady put it, “I am one ‘with’, and I am one ‘in’ God, and God is in me. This changes everything for me.”  Brady also talks about how his faith impacts his work, what he discovered his life purpose, or, “Juice for the world” to be, and how living within the legacy of an over-achieving Mom who was a “giant of a human being” has shaped his sense of what it means to be enough, do enough, and be worthy. Thanks for joining us in this powerful and very personal conversation, as we reflect back on Lent and we observe Good Friday today, and of course the story of new life and resurrection this Easter weekend. Learn more about Brady’s work with Juice Inc.

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