A Story Not Really About Dogs

Many people didn’t care for Jesus’ message. His closest followers had questions… “It’s a dog’s life,” Jesus said, one day. Several of the disciples nodded, one or two smiled, Peter said “pfft.” They all looked at him. “What? Really? You think so?” he said. “I don’t know if you’ve noticed, Jesus, but things aren’t going […]

A World of Story

You might have noticed that, for the last little while, most of my posts have been about story. Either the story-telling nature of the bible or re-telling bible stories or creating stories from the seed of a bible story. That’s because I’m on a sabbatical leave and stories are what I’m spending my time on. […]

Miracles Everyday

Have you ever been invited into a miracle? It should be abundantly clear from anyone’s telling of the story that it wasn’t planned. It wasn’t a rally or a convention, not a jamboree or a festival. There was no reason to think about organization. People just showed up. They came and came, and they kept […]


The story of Jesus feeding a large crowd is one of my favourite miracle stories in the Bible. It’s also the only miracle story – other than the resurrection, of course – to appear in all four gospel accounts of Jesus’ life. It’s a great story, and the general details are pretty consistent. A crowd […]

A living, breathing thing

I think the Bible is a living thing whose stories speak to us about what is true and right. It tells stories from which we learn how to live together and build positive relationships with God, the world and each other. Sure, there’s a lot of negativity, violence, death and destruction, but that’s to be […]

Have faith: things don’t always go to plan

Stories of Jesus aren’t just about believing in God. That’s not enough. There’s more to believe in. Here’s what I mean. It was a dark and stormy night … Jesus had seen the clouds moving in while they were having supper. It’d been a long day and the crowd that had been following him had […]

It could be about the garden

There’s always more than one perspective. As we move forward towards the post-pandemic world, we’ll need to remember that living into the love that’s in all of us requires nurture and care and a little work. Or a lot. Jesus told some people a parable. A wise old woman looked out her window one day. […]

It could be about the gardener

As we find our way forward from the pandemic, with other challenges, old and new, to face, we might want to reflect on a parable Jesus told some people. A parable that went something like this. Mostly. A wise old woman looked out her window one day. She looked up at the sun and down […]

It’s a Metaphor

There are stories we need to hear right now. To listen, we need to let down the walls we’ve built and discard the things that keep us apart. That’s a tall order. It begins with paying attention to how we are all connected. Here’s a story about Moses, who began with letting go the simplest […]

Please Be Jesus

It’s easy enough to point to the moments when being the church has most definitely not meant being Jesus. I don’t mean to lay them all out here, or debate them. There’s no room for that. Nor should it be necessary. It would be easy, too, to suggest that religion, as a structure, and the […]