We’ll Take it From Here Together

One of my favourite theologians these days is David Hayward. After a lengthy career in ministry, he’s better known to many as The Naked Pastor, artist and creator of many insightful cartoons that challenge the status quo and encourage questions and dialogue. If you’re interested in knowing more – including why he calls himself that […]

Undead or Alive

How is Jesus alive? I’ve told this story more than a few times, I’m sure, but I think it bears repeating. Much likes Easter. A few years ago, a young person I know asked me if Jesus was a zombie. The presumption that zombies might be real aside, I asked what made him think that. […]

These Days

Last year, as we approached Holy Week and Easter, we were wondering how we could make this work with no in-person church services. Or community gatherings. Or family gatherings. There’d be no classic hymns of the season, no waving palm branches or parading around on Palm Sunday, no crowded communion celebrations, no Easter breakfast or […]

The Days are Surely Coming

The pandemic has shut down lots of things over the past year, churches are just a part of that. And it’s not only about services, of course, it’s events, dinners, small groups. Yes, being “the church” isn’t about a place or a building and we are discovering new ways of being connected. Still, for a […]

Snakes on a Plain

There’s a pretty bizarre story about snakes in the Bible. Not the one in the garden, these snakes are out in the desert. It’s part of the story of the Hebrews being led out of Egypt by Moses and cared for by God in the wilderness. Goes something like this. Having been freed from Egypt […]

Saying it again for the first time

It’s no secret that I like to re-engage Bible stories in ways that might make them speak more meaningfully to our lives today. I think we need to constantly be doing that, sometimes over and over and even over again. How else will we find what’s true in the story, the heart that still beats […]

Faith, Trust, and Imagination

One of the ways that I’m observing Lent is with an “Ash Wednesday to Easter in a Photo a Day” calendar. The idea is to visualize a word-a-day: one takes time to reflect on a word for the day and then take a photo that captures your thoughts about it. A pretty cool idea, I […]

All the Colours of Lent

How’s your Lent going? I know, we’re just getting started. But it’s good to check in – when stepping out into the wilderness, the first step can be a pretty big one. The gospel story of Jesus going into the wilderness is the inspiration for the season of Lent. I think it’s important to remember […]

Lent: A Journey Through Covenants

Here’s “Lent: A Journey Through Covenants.” Lent is a time for reflection and introspection, considering our relationship with God, ourselves and each other. Join us as we explore the theme of “covenant” each week, with some creative ways to explore Lent for yourself and to explore yourself this Lent. Download this digital version or call […]

Part of the Story

The season of Epiphany ends this week with Transfiguration Sunday. We entered it with a shining star and we leave it with a shining star. The season of revealing is now followed by the season of introspection, of self-examination. Now that we’ve had a time of learning about how God is revealed in Jesus and […]