Here’s a Good Reminder

You deserve a break today. And if you can read that without thinking of the rest of the McDonald’s jingle, you’re probably really young. McDonald’s ran that as their tag line from 1970 to 2014, finally retiring it after forty-four years. Of course, it’s more than just a slogan, it’s something we should all keep […]

Time for Tears

I cry. Some who know me might find that hard to believe, but most likely not, I think. Probably too many moments noticing that I paused just a little too long while trying to share something emotional. There’s been a lot of crying lately. That there was cause, I wish were different. We can debate […]

The Kind of Story We Need Right Now

I think today’s a good day to hear the story of Jonah. You might remember Jonah from Sunday school as the guy in the whale. He’s probably one of the most familiar bible characters, especially with children, because of that part of his story. His story makes for, well, great story, but I wonder if […]

A Come and See Community

I truly believe that the best way to know God is in community. And I interpret that broadly, far beyond just the idea of a religious community. I mean the common-unity that is us. All of us in creation. Go to church, sure. But you could also wonder at the stars. Commune with the trees. […]

Just Like Jesus

“You are my son, the beloved; with you I am well pleased.” Mark 1:11. This verse from the Gospel of Mark comes from the story of Jesus being baptized in the Jordan river by John, the Baptizer. It’s, quite literally, the beginning: Mark’s story of Jesus begins with it. And it’s very straight forward. John’s […]

Where To Now?

What we often refer to as “The Christmas Story” is a combination of stories from different sources. You probably already new that. Some are biblical, some are tradition. The naming of the magi, for instance, is a tradition. The story from Matthew’s gospel doesn’t name them, but over the centuries we’ve come to know them […]

Meet Me At The Manger

I’m sure it’s a long journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem when you’re walking. It’s only a little over 100 km, but, back in the day, there’d only be a dusty dirt road made by the caravans and soldiers who travelled the route. It sure would have felt long. Even more so, if you’re pregnant. It […]

The Story Will Be Told

We have a Christmas play in our church service this Sunday. Lots of churches do a Christmas play. Usually on the third or fourth Sunday of Advent, but sometimes, really daring churches will do it on Christmas Eve. It’s a great idea, the Christmas play. It can be anything from a traditional dramatization of the […]

There is Joy in You

I think this might be the year I don’t say “Merry Christmas.” No, I’m not replacing it with “bah, humbug.” Nor do I think the “War on Christmas” is a real thing. It’s not. And I’m not looking to be politically correct, either, whatever that really means. Sure, I think we could be more inclusive […]

Everyone has a place in The Story

In the weeks of Advent, leading up to Christmas, we meet some of the characters of the Christmas Story. The angel Gabriel (who really should have appeared nine months ago), Mary, Joseph, we’ll meet other angels, shepherds, an innkeeper, maybe even the magi (they seem to arrive earlier every year) and, of course, John the […]