Jocelyn Bell – Editor/Publisher of Broadview

  Working as a freelance writer for the the United Church Observer 20 years ago, Jocelyn realized she had a passion for journalism and for sharing stories that inspire, inform and challenge her readers. Over the last two decades she has seen journalism evolve into the digital realm, the rise of social media, and also […]

Rev. Robin King – Springing (Slowly) Back To Life

  We’ve just celebrated Easter, tulips are breaking through the soil as snow banks quickly melt (again), and our faith communities are returning (again) to in-person events. As we collectively re-examine what it means to be in community, to engage with our congregations, to meet the evolving needs of individuals, it’s clear that “getting back […]

Tara Shannon – Artist & Author of “Rabbit & Bear”

Tara Shannon’s childhood nickname “Bear” took on a whole new identity when 3 years ago she began drawing rabbits and bears and her sketches turned into powerful and tender moments of conversation and reflection between the two illustrated characters. “Rabbit and Bear” became her outlet for years and years of thoughts, anxiety, depression, grief, magic […]

Ben Campbell – Regenerative Rancher, Mystic & Movie Star!

My friend Ben Campbell is a tough person to write a bio for, so even deciding how to describe this podcast episode and our invigorating conversation is challenging.  I first met Ben through a video project where we did some winter filming at his family’s ranch near Black Diamond, in the Alberta foothills.  While his […]

Rev. Robin King – Spring Back To Life!

Pandemic restrictions are lifting again and the heaviness of two years of pandemic living is starting to feel like it could begin to lift. Spring is right around the corner and the Earth is beginning to stir with the promise of new life. And, this week we marked the beginning of the season of Lent […]

Ernest Barbaric – Executive Coach, Entrepreneur, Artist & Student Of Meditation

Ernest wears a lot of hats (insert bald joke here lol), but like all of us, he’s not defined by his career or various roles in life. In this episode we talk a lot about purpose and what creates a meaningful life, we talk about some of Ernest’s spiritual journey, passions and entrepreneurial projects, and […]

Heather Buelow – 5, 6, 7, 8, and Pivot!

Heather Buelow has been the owner of Dancer’s Edge Studio for 19 years. Like many business owners she is no stranger to change, but nothing compares to the wild ride she’s been on these last two years where she’s had to pivot, pivot, and pivot again. The pandemic has been especially challenging for kids activities, […]

Rev. Robin King – He’s Back, And He Brought Stories!

Robin shares a lot of stories with our community of faith. Not only through his weekly blog posts and weekly Sunday morning sermons, but also in the form of children’s plays and even books that he’s written and self published. I know, right? We’re pretty lucky! Well, for the last 3 months Robin has been […]

Kyle Simmers – Mural Artist & Graphic Novelist

Kyle Simmers graduated from the Alberta University of the Arts with a Bachelor of Design in illustration, and has been building a colourful portfolio of mural art over the last several years with their brother Derek Simmers, including 4 new projects right here in their hometown of Bashaw, Alberta. These are projects of epic proportions, […]

Carrie Domstad – Walking With God In & Out Of Church

Carrie is one of those people in our community who make you realize that having “a church family” is about so much more than who you see sitting in the pews on a Sunday morning or who’s involved in the committees, meetings, fundraisers or lay leadership. She’s the perfect example of “BEING the church” and […]