Rev. Robin King – In The Tide of Easter

We’re still in the tide of Easter, a season of grappling with what it means to come face to face with a living Jesus. I know, lately it’s easy to look around and feel like it’s more like we’re still in the season of Good Friday. But no matter what’s going on in the world, […]

Brady Wilson – Family In My Belly

My uncle, Brady Wilson, has been one of my role models in life and in my own spiritual journey for just about 40 years.  Today, we’re exploring Brady’s own human spirituality journey, and he shares a recent epiphany that he experienced which brought him closer to a sense of oneness with all humanity and creation, […]

Rev. Robin King – The Longest Lent In History

In March, 2020, we began an important and difficult journey. That journey has included isolation, loss, and a lot of reflection about what’s really important. When we’ve allowed it to be, it’s been a time filled with deeply meaningful soul work, relationship building, and some much needed self examination. And then the 40 day season […]

David Hayward – The Naked Pastor

David Hayward is the NakedPastor! After 30 years in the church, he left the ministry to pursue his passion for art. His work challenges the status quo, deconstructs dogma, and promotes critical thinking. Remind you of anyone? It should, because David’s art, his books, his blog, and his rabble rousing, norm defying, inclusive, safe and […]

Rev. Robin King – Lent Has No Meaning, Until You Create It

What are the ways that love gets out into the world from within us? First, you have to find it, and that reconnecting with source – with the universe, with God – is where we remember we are loved and we ARE love. That is what the season of Lent is supposed to be about. […]

Bill Harder – Grieving as a Community, During a Pandemic

Our community has recently been struck with numerous tragedies, and in the midst of a global health crisis that has caused enough loss, stress, isolation and pain on its own, we’re left fumbling to find ways to grieve the deaths of loved ones. We may not be able to gather in person, but we can […]

Rev. Robin King – We Are Jonah

Welcome back to the Six Ways From Sunday Podcast! This first episode of the 4th season of the show explores two well known stories and how they both relate to the current state of our world and recent events. As always, we hope your own spiritual journey is enriched by this conversation, and that it […]

Heather MacKenzie – 10 Months of Self Isolating With an Immunocompromised Husband

Heather, Justin and their two young children have been in lockdown mode since the middle of March. This is their 10th month of isolation as a family, because Justin is severely immunocompromised and would likely not survive a case of COVID-19. Heather shares what this journey has been like for her family, how they’ve coped […]

Rev. Robin King – Observing Remembrance

Most of us are fortunate to know war, conflict and violence not as our own personal memories, but as a historical concept or as a present day far away reality. Still, we know the importance of pausing to reflect and appreciate, and remember, what other have lost in order that we have the current freedoms […]

Rev. Stephen Harper & Rev. Robin King – Carrying On After 7 Months

Church – that safe space where all are welcome, a sanctuary from the rest of the world where we come to find that quiet centre, connect with others, with God and with our deeper self, where we are spiritually nourished and recharged. And just when we need that more than ever, our churches are closed. […]