Rev. Stephen Harper & Rev. Robin King – Carrying On After 7 Months

Church – that safe space where all are welcome, a sanctuary from the rest of the world where we come to find that quiet centre, connect with others, with God and with our deeper self, where we are spiritually nourished and recharged. And just when we need that more than ever, our churches are closed. […]

Rev. Robin King – By What Authority?

Our world is really struggling with authority right now. The word “authority” often makes us think of control, power, governance and rule. Jesus wasn’t really about any of those things though, and yet we certainly think of Jesus as having had “authority” in his ability to perform miracles, heal the sick and pour God’s love […]

Rev. Robin King – Call Of The Wild

Each summer, the incredible leadership team of Robin, Lori and Brielle (with the support of many other helping hands) put on an incredible summer camp program at the Bashaw United Church and Ponoka United Church. Picture dozens and dozens of kids singing, laughing, learning and crafting! So what do you do when a global pandemic […]

Rev. Robin King – Approaching Doomsday

The clock is ticking closer and closer to “midnight”. The Doomsday Clock is a symbol first developed in 1947 that represents the likelihood of a man-made global catastrophe. In 1953 when the US tested its first hydrogen bomb they moved the hands of the clock to 2 minutes to midnight. It’s moved closer to or […]

Rev. Robin King – Carrying On With Church – It’s An Essential Service

The rules have changed again, and many churches are reopening their doors and resuming in-person worship services after 3 months of empty sanctuaries. Robin recently asked, in this week’s “mid-week reflection” Facebook video, why we come to church. Seriously, why do you go to church? What do you love and value about church and what […]

Paul Andrew – Student of Dene Nation Spirituality

The Dene Nation has existed for over 30,000 years in Canada, with one language and many dialects. Paul Andrew, a Dene elder in Yellowknife, who describes himself as “a student of Dene spirituality” shared this Dene greeting with me: Nakale, negha dagot’e? (Good morning, how are you?) Response: Nezu (good) if things are well. With […]

Pam Rocker – Writer & Speaker, Atypical Activist, Super Gay

Pam is super passionate about LGBTQ2S+ equality, faith, love, and laughter, and she uses her art and gifts as a musician, writer, playwright and speaker to educate, advocate and inspire. Recently, Pam has been part of a movement in Calgary to ban conversion therapy, and her story about that work and their recent victory, will […]

Kevin Gangel – Transformational Conversations, And Being Unstoppable

There couldn’t be a more fitting time than right now to be speaking with Kevin Gangel – non-profit and corporate leadership professional, change management consultant and keynote speaker, and co-founder of Unstoppable Conversations. Kevin is a fellow Albertan, and like Ben, narrowly escaped a career in aerospace engineering, enjoys craft beer, and cares deeply about […]

Rev. Robin King – Feeling Disconnected & Homeless, Spiritually

This week Robin and Ben talk about “ascension day”, the 40th day after Easter when Christ’s ascension is celebrated in the Christian Church. When Jesus leaves his disciples (again) they are found standing around staring at the sky, likely feeling a bit lost and uncertain about what would come next. Perhaps even feeling a longing […]

Mx. Henry – Finding An Affirming Church, In Small Town Alberta

Kelly Henry (she/they) recently became an official member of the Bashaw United Church congregation, even though she lived in a city roughly an hour away. Finding a church family/home where you can feel safe, welcome, connected and comfortable is not always easy, and for those in the LGBTQ2S+ community it’s also not something you might […]