Jocelyn Bell – Editor/Publisher of Broadview

Working as a freelance writer for the the United Church Observer 20 years ago, Jocelyn realized she had a passion for journalism and for sharing stories that inspire, inform and challenge her readers. Over the last two decades she has seen journalism evolve into the digital realm, the rise of social media, and also the […]

Rev. Robin King – Springing (Slowly) Back To Life

We’ve just celebrated Easter, tulips are breaking through the soil as snow banks quickly melt (again), and our faith communities are returning (again) to in-person events. As we collectively re-examine what it means to be in community, to engage with our congregations, to meet the evolving needs of individuals, it’s clear that “getting back to […]

Rev. Robin King – Spring Back To Life!

Pandemic restrictions are lifting again and the heaviness of two years of pandemic living is starting to feel like it could begin to lift. Spring is right around the corner and the Earth is beginning to stir with the promise of new life. And, this week we marked the beginning of the season of Lent […]

Project Pavilion Newsletter

Project Pavilion Newsletter

It’s About Life, Not Afterlife

I try to be consistent. As much as one can be in such a diverse and complicated world. But I try to be consistent, especially in what I share about what I believe Jesus is about. Jesus is about life. Yes, Jesus provides comfort about where we’re going next, but the life of Jesus isn’t […]

For all the Saints

November 1 is All Saints Day in many churches. Unfortunately, you might miss it because it’s overshadowed by its much more popular and entertaining neighbour Hallowe’en. Ironic really, because Hallowe’en literally means All Hallows Eve or “the day before All Saints Day.” I don’t begrudge Hallowe’en its popularity, though. It’s fun, engaging, and an opportunity […]

Finding a Way Home

It’s a difficult time. However you’re coping with the world today, anxiety is not far away. Whether you’re isolated at home or at work and social distancing, you’d best be comfortable with your own company, at least for a while. That can be challenging at the best of times; we’re not always good at remembering […]

Jesus is back, and he brought the wine!

Right at the start of his ministry, Jesus gathers with ordinary people, in the sketchy part of town, and he brings wine to the party! And not just any wine, the good stuff. Was the “water into wine” simply a parlour trick, or truly a miracle? What are miracles, magic, illusions and signs all about, […]

The Days Are Surely Coming

The new church year begins this week. Not with a festival, cards, a big party or a special dinner. There’s not much decoration that’s for new year’s day, maybe even just a single candle on a wreath. A wreath with four other candles on it, and this first one isn’t even the most important. It’s […]

Christ the King : What does that look like?

He’s not the “King” they were expecting, and the image that we have of Jesus even today is likely very different from his actual physical appearance. Our depictions of Jesus say a lot more about us than they do about him, and that’s worth exploring as we come to the end of the church’s calendar […]