Dieulita Datus – The Story Of Ubuntu – Mobilizing Central Alberta

“Ubuntu” is an African proverb that means “I am, because we are”, and it’s the driving force and organizational purpose of the not-for-profit organization Ubuntu – Mobilizing Central Alberta, cofounded by Dieulita Datus in Lacombe, Alberta. Dieulita, cofounder Sadia and their team, are committed to a deep sense of interconnectedness and mutuality that changes attitudes and behaviours. They work toward radical inclusivity in their community and believe that their efforts, through education, advocacy, and community building, have the power to address the prejudice at the root of our histories where it lives – in the hearts and minds of people. In this conversation, Dieulita and Ben discuss the link between nature and spirituality, the impact of the demonization of African spirituality, the colonialism of Christianity, and her favourite NFL team, the Dallas Cowboys. Dieulita’s story of coming to rural Alberta from the Bahamas, the culture shock she experienced, and the important work that she’s doing here, will make you want to hug the next human you see and hopefully will also make you re-examine some of your own thoughts about inclusivity, diversity and love.

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