Eric Gaudet – Treating The Whole Person

Eric Gaudet has spent the last decade as Bashaw’s local friendly pharmacist, getting to know families and individuals in this small town and becoming an indispensable part of the community as a primary care provider. In a rural community without a hospital and with family doctors in extremely short supply across Alberta, the role of a licensed prescribing pharmacist is super important. But that’s not what makes Eric’s story fascinating. It’s not even the fact that Eric has recently been accepted into an elite national pilot program to explore innovative models of primary care delivery in Canada – although that is also really cool! No, the real reason that I wanted to share Eric’s story is that his approach to patient care is so wholistic, open minded, empathetic and down to Earth. Every one of us have experienced issues with our health where we need help finding the right course of treatment or even just answers to what is going on and what our options are. Eric definitely has a way of leaving people feeling heard and seen, and rather than treating a symptom, he is deeply interested in addressing the full picture of health and what is going on for that person in their day to day life such as mental health, financial situation or relationship stress. In this episode we discuss all of the above and Eric shares some of the things he’s learned along the way and what he loves about his work.

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