Harry & Chris – Founders of Rainbow Camp


I love stories about big and impactful things emerging from small, unlikely places. So the story of Rainbow Camp popping up from the tiny, remote Northern Ontario community of Thessalon – a camp that is changing and saving lives – was one I really wanted to learn about and share with you! Ten years ago Harry and Chris founded Rainbow Camp for 2SLGBTQIA+ youth, creating a safe space where teens from all across Canada (and some from outside Canada) can have a fun summer camp experience and simply be who they are. This conversation dives into the origins of Rainbow Camp, the personal “why” that drove Harry and Chris to create the program, and the incredible impact that it’s now having on hundreds of teens every summer.


To learn more about Rainbow Camp, to register for an upcoming camp or send a donation, check out RainbowCamp.ca.




Harry and Chris also talked about their new online family support program called Rainbow Online Connection (ROC) that you can learn more about and register for at WelcomeFriend.ca.

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