Javan Bernakevitch – Operating from Freedom vs Fear

The last time Javan came on the podcast we talked about his film, “Facing Fire”. Well today we’re talking about facing “fear”. In the midst of a global pandemic that has all of us wondering about the future and feeling more uncertainty, anxiety and fear than we normally grapple with, it’s important to take a look under the hood and examine our relationship with fear itself. One of my favourite statements that Javan shares in this conversation is that “fear based living doesn’t support life.” We talked about the way fear plays a critical role in how we operate, but if left unexamined fear can also act like an infectious disease that is very disabling and damaging. We discussed some powerful tools for how to increase our “emotional sovereignty” and developing a practice of allowing fear to move through us without paralyzing or controlling our behaviours. Thanks for listening, and the best way to support the podcast is to hit the subscribe button, leave a review and share with your friends. If you’d like to learn more about “voice dialogue” or any of the other practical life-design tools Javan shares in this episode, get in touch with him through his website at

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