Jocelyn Bell – Editor/Publisher of Broadview

Jocelyn Bell – Editor/Publisher, Broadview


Working as a freelance writer for the the United Church Observer 20 years ago, Jocelyn realized she had a passion for journalism and for sharing stories that inspire, inform and challenge her readers. Over the last two decades she has seen journalism evolve into the digital realm, the rise of social media, and also the transformation of the Observer to what is now Broadview. The magazine and website’s tagline is “Spirituality, Justice and Ethical Living”, and as their website’s About page says, “With Broadview, Editor and Publisher Jocelyn Bell aims to create an inclusive magazine and digital platforms for thoughtful readers interested in exploring and living out progressive Christianity’s core values. “We understand that this means being both introspective and outward-looking,” she says. “We are required to examine our beliefs and values, and to live and act accordingly. We are called to engage deeply with the justice issues of our day — and to believe that hope lies in caring profoundly for one another and for our planet.”



In this episode of the podcast, one of Broadview’s online stories that Jocelyn talks about is an article written by Emily Standfield that you will definitely want to read for yourself after hearing why Jocelyn loves it so much (and so do we!), so here is the direct link to that story:


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