Joyia Chakungal – Founder of HomeTree and Manifestor of Magic

Joyia has been on an inward journey the last several years, letting go of external expectations and back toward herself.  She’s dedicating herself to the practice of being authentic, empowered, fulfilled and free, and is now helping others to do the same in their own lives.  In this conversation Joyia joins us from her home in the Yukon, sharing her personal insights, beliefs and some stories of transformation that have changed her life.  We talk about the divine within all living things and the potential for all of us to connect with that spiritual life force inside us. As Joyia puts it, “I was born into the world with everything I need.  Everything.  Just coming back to myself and remembering to trust that there’s a greater purpose that I’m living inside of that has brought me here.  Living from that place, the path will slowly open up in front of you.”

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