Kevin Gangel – Transformational Conversations, And Being Unstoppable

There couldn’t be a more fitting time than right now to be speaking with Kevin Gangel – non-profit and corporate leadership professional, change management consultant and keynote speaker, and co-founder of Unstoppable Conversations. Kevin is a fellow Albertan, and like Ben, narrowly escaped a career in aerospace engineering, enjoys craft beer, and cares deeply about the future of our planet and our species. As always, this conversation dives deep into difficult and important, existential questions, from “why do I exist?” to “what could happen if I became 100% responsible for my life?”. At a time when all of us are grappling with what works and doesn’t work in our relationships, careers and communities, Kevin provides some ridiculously valuable insights and thoughts on the nature of transformation and the “being” of living life as an unstoppable “human being”. Thanks for joining us!

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