Kevin Kossowan – Creator of “From The Wild”


“From The Wild” is a web film series that explores incredible journeys in wild food and beautiful, wild spaces. Its creator, Kevin Kossowan, is an award winning filmmaker and foodie who has worked with Michelin Star chefs and filmed on almost every continent on the planet. He’s been a blogger since the days when you had to explain to people what a blog was, and his craft of storytelling combines with his craftsmanship with a camera and with wild food ingredients in the bush camp kitchen, at the fireside and out in the field, like a perfectly balanced and blended cocktail enjoyed with friends under the stars. In this podcast episode Kevin and I dive into his life and the origin story of From The Wild, we discuss the significance and role of “beauty” in elevating our eating experiences, and toward the end we go into the deep end a bit with questions about life and death and what makes a meal or a moment sacred.


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