Lorne Gushue – Life In Yellowknife After The Wildfire Evacuation

Lorne Gushue is a member of the worship committee at Yellowknife United Church, an affirming church located in a large public building in downtown Yellowknife. In the aftermath of wildfires that threatened homes, health and livelihoods, the needs of the local community have been top of mind for Lorne and the rest of the leadership team of their church. A church that is currently without a full time minister. And yet, as you’ll hear through Lorne’s incredible story, there are some amazing things happening at Yellowknife United Church! Through partnerships with schools, businesses and local health and social services, they are offering programs to support people experiencing homelessness, finding creative ways to share and rent their church space, and hosting diverse and inclusive events in their auditorium, like last week’s meditative ecumenical labyrinth walk! Lorne’s passion and compassion for his community is so apparent, and it was an honour to hear him share the recent story of evacuating from and returning to that community.

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