Mx. Henry – Finding An Affirming Church, In Small Town Alberta

Kelly Henry (she/they) recently became an official member of the Bashaw United Church congregation, even though she lived in a city roughly an hour away. Finding a church family/home where you can feel safe, welcome, connected and comfortable is not always easy, and for those in the LGBTQ2S+ community it’s also not something you might expect to find in rural Alberta, in a town of 860 people. Still, Kelly stumbled upon our little community of faith in Bashaw (and online), and is now part of our family. We talk about how we stay connected as a church family throughout COVID times, how the pandemic uniquely impacts the queer community, and also how churches can be public, intentional and explicit about being safe and affirming spaces where all are welcome and loved. Thanks for joining us!

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  1. Jan Richardson says:

    Hi Kelly! Hi Ben. Thank you for sharing this meaningful conversation; and furthering the awareness and openness that’s all part of our call to building community in Christ.

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