Reverend Robin King

I came to Bashaw United Church as a student minister in 2007 and, well, just stayed. I’m happy to be living the many opportunities of ministry with the people of Bashaw, Ponoka, and Six Ways from Sunday. A graduate of St. Andrew’s College, Saskatoon, and the University of Toronto, I was a musician for many years before ministry. Classically trained as an organist and choir director, I’ve enjoyed playing musicals for Bashaw Community Theatre and a couple for Klaglahachie in Ponoka. I see the similarities between what community theatre can be and what the church ought to be: a place where everyone can feel safe to grow, a place where people feel they belong – and “belong” means more than just fitting in. It means feeling a part of something for what you bring to it as much as what you get from it. It means a place where love is experienced and shared. That’s what builds community. Just like Jesus: live love and don’t be afraid.

Charlotte Boychuk – Office Administration & Pastoral Care (Ponoka)

Charlotte left the corporate world in Calgary behind to move to Ponoka in 2006, and has been the church’s secretary since the fall of 2014 (and bookkeeper since 2016). She loves the interaction with everyone who comes through the office. During her years in Ponoka, she has enjoyed volunteering in the community in various capacities including long-term care, judging the marching and non-marching bands at the annual Ponoka Stampede Parade, playing piano for sing-a-longs in the community, and has been an accompanist for Klaglahachie Fine Arts music productions for five seasons. Charlotte enjoys gardening, cooking, reading, travel, and spending time with her partner John and their combined family of six adult sons, their spouses, and eleven grandchildren.

Carrie Domstad – Pastoral Care (Bashaw)

I joined the Bashaw United Church in 2016. Our family relocated to Bashaw from Airdrie. We have always loved this town and as soon as we attended the church, we knew that we had found our new home. We have three wonderful children, 2 dogs, and at any given time, either a fish, hamster, or guinea pig. I was a paralegal in my previous professional field. At this time I am blessed to be working with the Bashaw Community Resource Centre as a Wellness Navigator. In addition to this role, I am also a Pastor Care Support worker with the Bashaw United Church. This role is one of the most rewarding positions I have had the pleasure of working in. I am also a member of our community theatre which has also enriched my life.

Lori Miller – Children and Youth Program Leader (Bashaw)

I love to engage and be with youth and children. As we create together, I have discovered they are my best teachers. The heart of wonder and imagination is where we strive to go when we learn and grow together. We explore who we are in the world and I feel honoured to hear them as they share prayers, concerns, hope and incredible creative gift.

Brielle Casey – Children’s Program Leader (Ponoka)

My family and I have lived in Ponoka since 2013. We’re originally from here, so we feel very at home in this wonderful community. We have two daughters, a big dog, and for many years we lived in the very first United Church in Ponoka. Pretty incredible! I have post secondary education for educational assistant and early childhood, as well as in the performing arts, and I feel so lucky that I get to use so many of my strengths and passions within many organizations around Ponoka.

Tech Team Leader

It’s truly a blessing to be a member of the amazing team here that comprises Rising Spirit. It’s even more of a blessing that doing so involves three of my favourite things: cameras, software development, and communications technology. I’ve been a videographer and developer since 2005, and an enthusiast since I was a child. I’m responsible for building and running our live video broadcast systems, and I wrote the control software that allows one operator to effectively run camera, projection, playback, and broadcast, from a single console. It’s been incredible to be a part of the massive technology advancements that I’ve been lucky enough to experience throughout my time in this industry, and I always enjoy every opportunity to do something I’ve never done before. If you’re new here, I look forward to welcoming you to the Rising Spirit community. If not, I look forward to seeing you again this Sunday morning. When I’m not at work, I enjoy producing musical theatre, brewing espresso, writing Asterisk dial plan code, and attempting to keep up with my two children.