Paul Andrew – Student of Dene Nation Spirituality

The Dene Nation has existed for over 30,000 years in Canada, with one language and many dialects. Paul Andrew, a Dene elder in Yellowknife, who describes himself as “a student of Dene spirituality” shared this Dene greeting with me: Nakale, negha dagot’e? (Good morning, how are you?) Response: Nezu (good) if things are well. With an open heart and mind, Paul invited me into dialogue that explored where we’re at today in Canada with truth and reconciliation, why it’s so important to all of us, and how we can build healthy relationships that celebrate indigenous spirituality and culture for not only our own sake but for future generations. To learn more and support reconciliation, here are a few easy actions we can all take:
  1. Research First Nations, Inuit and M├ętis peoples in your area to understand their history and contributions to society.
  2. Watch movies by Indigenous filmmakers or read Indigenous literature.
  3. Learn more about Indigenous arts and artists.
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