Rev. Robin King – Coping and Connecting through the COVID-19 Crisis

In the two weeks since our last podcast, the COVID-19 outbreak has gone from “totally under control” in Trump’s words, to a fully global pandemic with many millions of people on full lock-down or voluntary self-isolation, and NYC as the new epicentre of the crisis. Change sometimes happens a lot faster than we’re ready for, and we’ve all had to adapt in so many ways, learning to use new technologies to stay connected, keep working, educating our kids and caring for the sick, vulnerable and elderly. Our society, our supply chains, our hospitals, governments and our faith institutions all carry on, and we’re all figuring it out as we go. Through this wilderness journey, God is with us all. This week Robin and I chatted about how the pandemic is impacting Rising Spirit Ministry and what we’ve been doing to keep our community of faith connected. Thank you for being with us!

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