Rev. Robin King – Feeling Disconnected & Homeless, Spiritually

This week Robin and Ben talk about “ascension day”, the 40th day after Easter when Christ’s ascension is celebrated in the Christian Church. When Jesus leaves his disciples (again) they are found standing around staring at the sky, likely feeling a bit lost and uncertain about what would come next. Perhaps even feeling a longing to go back to the way things were, for things to just be “normal” again and to have Jesus there with them in person for a little longer. We are in many ways in a similar place right now as a society, struggling with feeling like we’re alone, longing to be back together again, wishing things could return to normal. Spiritually, many of us are feeling disconnected, displaced, maybe even homeless or lost. The good news is, there isn’t a way back, but there’s a way forward. Thanks for joining us this week. (DISCLAIMER: We had a microphone malfunction toward the end of the episode this week, so there’s a few minutes that had to be edited out and a short segment where Robin’s audio isn’t great.)

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