Rev. Robin King – In The Tide of Easter

We’re still in the tide of Easter, a season of grappling with what it means to come face to face with a living Jesus. I know, lately it’s easy to look around and feel like it’s more like we’re still in the season of Good Friday. But no matter what’s going on in the world, He is risen. But as Robin shared in our conversation today, “It’s not just ‘Jesus is alive in you’, it’s ‘Jesus is alive in you… through all the hard work you need to do now, to bring love into the world.” And ya, we sure do need that right now. Not just on Sunday mornings but in everything we do and have our being. From the way we greet a stranger to the way our feet kiss the earth. As Robin so beautifully puts it in this episode, “The physical aspect of Jesus is not just an expression of our humanity, it’s also about our connectedness to the Earth, to all that is.” Thanks for taking some time to join this conversation today, we hope you enjoy it and that it finds you well.

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