Rev. Robin King – Observing Remembrance

Most of us are fortunate to know war, conflict and violence not as our own personal memories, but as a historical concept or as a present day far away reality. Still, we know the importance of pausing to reflect and appreciate, and remember, what other have lost in order that we have the current freedoms that we enjoy. In this episode, Ben and Rev. Robin King talk about how this Remembrance Day, in the midst of a global pandemic while violence and war persist in many parts of the world and conflict persists within our own lives every day, we can all take a moment to pause, reflect and process, and hopefully begin to heal. Let’s do more than just observe remembrance, let’s live it out, too.

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  1. Jimmy Rawji says:

    One has to think deeply to understand and know how tackle these tough difficulties and be useful to yourself and others .

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