Rev. Robin King – Set Sail With Jesus and Moana

What is this, a podcast studio, a community theatre stage, or a church? The answer is yes, it is all three. And on any other given day it’s also a movie theatre, a space for worship, for grief support groups to meet, for a baptism, communion, funeral or a wedding. In other words, it’s a space for creating community. Here in Bashaw we’ve found that community theatre productions are an amazing way of building community, but rather than simply making use of our church “facility”, theatre is just another part of our church identify and how we live in community together. It’s a concept that Jesus seemed pretty big on, so rather than pretend that this giant set piece (Moana’s traditional Polynesian canoe, called a “wa’a kaulua”) isn’t parked in the middle of our Sunday morning worship space, Robin has created a 5 week theme called “Set Sail With Jesus”. There are also some great biblical dramas (stories) about the early disciples setting sail on a new journey of discovery, adventure and relationship building, and stories of miracles and faith. They align so perfectly with our journey of building community here in Bashaw, and also with the story of Moana, that we just had to sit down for coffee right beside the boat and talk about it all.

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