Rev. Robin King – The Longest Lent In History

In March, 2020, we began an important and difficult journey. That journey has included isolation, loss, and a lot of reflection about what’s really important. When we’ve allowed it to be, it’s been a time filled with deeply meaningful soul work, relationship building, and some much needed self examination. And then the 40 day season of Lent, ended. Except it didn’t, did it? We’ve kind of carried on “living in Lent” this entire time throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Each in our own way of course, and with our own story that no one else could possibly understand unless they’ve walked some miles in our shoes – and even then, it would really take some connection and effort in order to build a bridge toward understanding each other’s journeys. And that right there, is actually sort of the whole point of Lent. Reflecting on our relationship with ourself, God, and each other, and then leaning in, being vulnerable, and doing the work.

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