Rev. Robin King – What Does “Hosanna” Mean In A Corona Quarantine?

If you’re starting to lose track of what day of the week it is, today is Thursday and Palm Sunday is only a few days away. We’re all in COVID-19 self-isolation mode, so how do we celebrate this important religious tradition? It’s hard to be festive when you can’t have all the festivities. But it’s also an opportunity to look at Holy Week a bit differently, to walk through each of the days of this coming week in a new way and reflect on the Easter story with this current crisis in mind. How did the people of Jerusalem receive Jesus on Palm Sunday? Waving palm branches, parades and shouts of “Hosanna” have traditionally been the trademarks of a joyous celebration of the arrival of Jesus. The word “Hosanna” has more than one meaning, though, and this week Robin and I spent some time diving into not only what it means literally, but also what Palm Sunday and Holy Week will mean for us this year in the midst of a global pandemic. Thanks for listening.

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