Rev. Stephen Harper & Rev. Robin King – Carrying On After 7 Months

Church – that safe space where all are welcome, a sanctuary from the rest of the world where we come to find that quiet centre, connect with others, with God and with our deeper self, where we are spiritually nourished and recharged. And just when we need that more than ever, our churches are closed. But the doors are gradually starting to open back up now and we’re figuring out “how to do church” in this new world while still keeping everyone safe. In this conversation, Ben and Robin connect with Rev. Stephen Harper from Symons Valley United Church in Calgary, where they’ve made the difficult decision to keep the building closed until January, 2021 while continuing their live-streamed services. Calgary’s faith community has been hit hard by the pandemic, and getting people back to church involves different challenges in urban locations than in rural communities. Wherever your church community is, we hope you’re able to gather there safely soon.

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