The church is people. From the beginning, it was always meant to be about people. People living out their faith everyday. As we gathered together in communities, we added ritual and symbol and created a space for us to share what we believe. Churches became places and while we always intended that they should be a place where the sacred is honoured, where we could learn and grow in our faith, it wasn’t always the case. Over time, many people also came to find that the structure of how we gather didn’t always grow at the same pace or in the same direction as the people. The context in which we live has also changed and the idea of setting aside a specific time to gather in a specific place to follow a specific practice no longer meets the needs of many people. Finding our way to a relationship with God – however we know God – and a way of connecting with others finding their own way is what Six Ways From Sunday is all about. Social media and the internet provides an abundance of opportunities to do that and you can connect with SWfS right here, through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.