Reverend Robin King

I came to Bashaw United Church as a student minister in 2007 and, well, just stayed. I’m happy to be living the many opportunities of ministry with the people of Bashaw, Ponoka and Six Ways from Sunday.  A graduate of St. Andrew’s College, Saskatoon, and the University of Toronto, I was a musician for many years before ministry. Classically trained as an organist and choir director, I’ve enjoyed playing musicals for Bashaw Community Theatre and a couple for Klaglahachie in Ponoka.  I see the similarities between what community theatre can be and what the church ought to be: a place where everyone can feel safe to grow, a place where people feel they belong – and “belong” means more than just fitting in.  It means feeling a part of something for what you bring to it as much as what you get from it.  It means a place where love is experienced and shared.  That’s what builds community.  Just like Jesus: live love and don’t be afraid.