There Is Hope

Haven’t we had enough, already? I know, I could be talking about so many things. But I just did a four part series with the theme “winter is coming” mostly to cover a section of the Gospel of Matthew that talks about the end times and the Second Coming (Matthew 24-25). So we’ve been talking […]

Winter Is Coming, Part 3

There will be a Part 4.  I just want to be up front about that. Jesus told a lot of stories. It was his primary teaching tool, after all, and we tell the stories of Jesus the same way. However we might interpret them – yes, we do interpret them – we should be looking […]

It’s All About Image (Taking A Look At Peace)

Do you think Donald Trump wants peace? I know it’s hard to tell, sometimes, with all the rhetoric, the bluster, the seeming lack of awareness of consequences, the arrogance, ego and all that other stuff that makes up the Trump persona. But, deep down, do you think he really wants peace? What about Kim Jong […]