Part of a Bigger Story

A couple of years ago, some friends gave us a beautiful snow globe for Christmas. It’s mostly silver and white with some gold trim on the manger scene in the globe. It’s a simple scene of Mary and Joseph either side of the baby Jesus, wrapped in a cloth in a manger. There’s a couple […]

Saints In Your Neighbourhood

October 31st is a pretty important day.  Especially this year.  Especially if you’re Lutheran or part of the Reformed Church tradition. Yeah, it’s not that it’s Halloween. Or maybe it is, but I’ll come to that in a minute. This year marks the 500th anniversary of the day recognized as the start of the Reformation. […]

Is God Among Us Or Not?

Yes, there is God. I’ve said this before, I’m sure, because it’s what I believe.  You are welcome to your own belief and if I can help to encourage you, reassure you, engage you and help you grow in your belief or understanding of God, I would.  And if you think you don’t believe in […]