Tara Shannon – Artist & Author of “Rabbit & Bear”

Tara Shannon’s childhood nickname “Bear” took on a whole new identity when 3 years ago she began drawing rabbits and bears and her sketches turned into powerful and tender moments of conversation and reflection between the two illustrated characters. “Rabbit and Bear” became her outlet for years and years of thoughts, anxiety, depression, grief, magic and wonder. And one day, to Tara’s surprise, one of her sketches went viral on social media, leading to the growth of an entire community of Rabbit & Bear readers and fans.


In this episode Tara shares with incredible vulnerability her journey through loss, grief, anxiety and depression, her fight with cancer and her quest to connect with her own past and her family’s heritage. We discuss who Rabbit and Bear are in Tara’s life, and how these two brave and curious creatures came to share their wisdom with the world through the pages of her books, “Rabbit & Bear Make A Wish” and “Rabbit & Bear Return With The Light“.

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