Trigg Pittman – A 10 Year Old’s Thoughts On Farming & Faith

When you listen to Trigg, you feel like you’re having coffee with an 80 year old farmer, but that’s because at just 10 years old Trigg Pittman is a master lawn mower, farmer, stockman and all around ranching superstar. He also enjoys hunting, fishing, driving a pony chariot, water skiing, tie dying, and drive-in movie theatres. If you know Trigg at all, you’ll know that any opportunity to sit and visit with Trigg is well worth your time, so buckle up folks.

One response to “Trigg Pittman – A 10 Year Old’s Thoughts On Farming & Faith”

  1. Perry Wilson says:

    If Trigg is indicative of the next generation of Canadian ag operators, our country’s food production will be in good hands.

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