Part of a Bigger Story

A couple of years ago, some friends gave us a beautiful snow globe for Christmas. It’s mostly silver and white with some gold trim on the manger scene in the globe. It’s a simple scene of Mary and Joseph either side of the baby Jesus, wrapped in a cloth in a manger. There’s a couple […]

Christmas Stories

Each of the gospels has a story about the arrival of Jesus. Mark doesn’t have a birth story for Jesus. The gospel that opens with “the beginning of the good news of Jesus Christ, the son of God,” dives right in with the adult John the Baptist announcing the arrival of the adult Jesus. Here […]

Let the Spirit Move You

I like Rick Mercer.  I think he has wise and humorous things to say and he highlights things that are quintessentially Canadian.  I particularly like the “rant” segment on his tv show where he wanders around back alleys talking to the camera about something that’s bugging him. The Holy Spirit has moved me – I’ll […]

Getting in touch with our essential oneness.

The United Church of Canada’s crest is an interesting thing.  All its features have meaning – its shape, its symbols, its colours – and are worth exploring.  Check out the national church’s website to find out more about that if you’re interested.  Today, I’m particularly interested in the words that frame it. In addition to […]

Stuck inside a building…

Are you religious? I often meet people, in a variety of circumstances, that want me to know that they’re not religious.  It may be because I’m a minister, or not.  But because I am, they’re all the more surprised when I reply that I’m not really religious either.  After that sinks in for a minute, […]

Following the way that’s true and finding life…

Did you memorize Bible verses as a kid?  Church school or summer camp, memorizing verses as a child was often a key way of connecting children to the Bible.  Even as adults, we sometimes find a key verse or phrase that represents a story or has some fuller meaning than just those words and it […]

Not a baaad life…

The image of Jesus as The Good Shepherd is well known and much loved.  In John’s gospel, it’s part of a passage in which Jesus talks about the sheep knowing the shepherd’s voice and the shepherd caring for the sheep.  Jesus also describes himself as the gate for the sheepfold that protects the sheep and […]

That’s no disguise…

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s wondered why no one recognizes that Clark Kent is Superman.  Or Superman is Clark Kent.  Is a pair of glasses and a suit really enough? Actually, CNN reported last year that the University of York did a study that indicated there was a “significant” change in recognition […]

Leave no doubt…

Now you see me … You’re waiting for the rest of that now, I bet.  You’re expecting “now you don’t” to follow it, like that abracadabra moment when the magician disappears, right before you’re very eyes, only to reappear moments later.  I can imagine how the story of those first few days after Easter might […]

A new old story…

I wonder how the Easter Story would’ve been different if there’d been kids in it.  I don’t mean one of those “kids tell the story” things where they mispronounce stuff, combine things and throw in modern things in a really cute way that essentially tells the story we already know, more or less how we […]